Thank you again for the inspired work you did with M--you restored both his knee and his hope, and he's emerged a stronger young man and gained a new sense of perspective.

The opinion that you are a great person seems to be widespread.

Dr. Wahl is always so friendly and caring.  I feel that he spends the time to listen to my concerns and to answer my questions.  Both his demeanor and dress are very professional.

Dr. Wahl and Suzanne are the dream team; they go above above and beyond.

Words cannot express my gratitude for the wonderful and caring attention I received.  Your and Suzanne’s personal styles were as heartwarming as the supportive medical attention you offered.

A special thanks to the both of you for getting me back to skydiving again.  My shoulders feel great. I couldn't be happier with the work you guys did. 

Dr. Wahl is very professional.  I find his candid attitude and matter of fact speaking to be not only incredibly refreshing, but also comforting.  Knowing that he is so experienced, he is not surprised by much.

compassionate. professional. kind. skilled. personable. awesome. genuine. good-humored. exquisite. competent. genuine. thorough. supportive.

Thank you so much for your and Suzanne's work - I really appreciate not just your surgical work but the warmth you both show in explaining things to me.  

It was a most positive experience today; in addition to appearing to be well beyond the level of others I saw, you are very personable. 

Dr. Wahl is very attentive and thorough in both his examination and explanation. It is rare to find a doctor who listens and takes the patients concerns seriously these days, and he definitely does it well.  

The Doc & PA both took extra time and care, and were even delayed in getting to a meeting because of the time they took in caring for my knees.  They worked as if I was the most important thing that they had to do that day.  I could not have asked for better care and thoughtfulness in their work and attitude. 

I enthusiastically give Dr. Wahl the highest possible recommendations.  He was extremely thorough in checking out my knee, very friendly, described what he was looking for and why he was twisting my knee this way and that.  He detailed for me the different possible injuries and the methods of treatment.  He was detailed and concise.

Today was the skating [hockey] clearance I went to the stick.  Brace on.  Awesome!!  No issues.  Felt really good.  Cannot express how thankful I am to the both of you for fixing my ligament and meniscus issues.  The ability to be active without pain is such a gift.  You guys are so d*^# awesome!!  

I just wanted to say a special thanks for all of your time today.  It was very much appreciated.  While I know we have no “final answer” yet, you make me feel confident that you will be right by my side while we figure it out.  That’s incredible doctoring. 

"Professional, friendly and good-humored--can't ask for more!" 

Thanks to Dr. Wahl for a great surgery and to your Team for great care throughout.  I will sing your praises.  

Suzanne provided outstanding support and greatly helped ease our daughter's fears about the proposed surgery.

I love Dr. Wahl and all the staff members at his office. They answer every question I have for them completely and patiently.  They are kind and I am glad I found such an excellent surgeon who also makes me feel comfortable in his presence.

You've both been so supportive and caring over the last 9 months.  Your support and genuine joy over my progress has helped keep me moving forward.  You show so much care and compassion for your patients.  You are truly unique in the expert care you provide.  Thank you for being such amazing people.  

I could not think more highly of Dr. Wahl and his PA, they're a terrific team who helped put me at ease and treated my problem with the best care I can imagine.

I've been thinking to tell you all how grateful I am for your exquisite and skilled care.  I felt totally confident in your abilities to make the very best decision in surgery. 


I keep praising you guys and saying how grateful we were to have found such great doctors.  So....thank you again for giving me a new lease on life!!!!!  

Dr. Wahl was thorough, listened to me and made a couple of suggestions.  He didn't push me into any more expensive treatments just because and was very honest and open about next steps.  He ultimately let me know the options and allowed me to make the decision.

First and foremost, a BIG thank you to both of you for your professionalism, bedside manner, knowledge and kindness.  My wife and I appreciate both of you not just as physicians, but as people, and what you have done for us both.  

Huge appreciation to you for patiently and completely discussing my knee situation. Your detailed info gave me the ability to my my own informed decision now and how to view things going forward. 

Dr. Wahl was a competent and professional doctor that took genuine interest in me and my concerns.  I felt care for and important.  A course of action was quickly determined and proceeded to a successful outcome.  I really appreciate the amount of information given as well as the willingness to address ALL of my concerns.

"incredible doctoring"

You have such a wonderful, gentle and compassionate way of treating your patients. My husband and I were amazed to see that you listened to all our questions, and did not rush in any way although we know that you are always under tremendous pressure.  A physician like you brings comfort and optimism to a patient in pain, worrying about their recovery process.  Thank you for being such a wonderful doctor! I feel blessed! 

Professional, friendly and good-humored--can't ask for more!

Dr. Wahl is everything a doctor should be.  I'd give him 10s all around.  His person-to-person skills are as good as it gets, and I trust him implicitly.  He is very smart, super complete, communicates with warmth, listens well, and very importantly, is age-blind, so I never felt he was condescending or pre-judging.  He's absolutely wonderful.  

He spent more time with me at my appointment than any doctor ever has.  He made me feel like I was getting advice from a friend, not a doctor.

Dr. Wahl makes you feel like you are his only patient.

I was impressed that Dr. Whal did not make me feel rushed with questions I had.  He took as much time as he sensed I needed.  He also provided a lot of eye contact and an appropriate sense off humor in a stressful situation for me.

I cannot say enough good things about how I was treated during the whole ordeal. I fell in love with all of you. Thank you for your help and for being such a fine doctor. 

I really can't say enough good things about Dr. Wahl and his practice.  I actually enjoy my visits to see him as he is so encouraging and helpful.

I want to thank you for your time and patience during this morning’s consultation. It was definitely a more thorough visit than I’ve experienced with other professionals. 

I wanted to let you know that you have an excellent "bedside manner" and I feel like I'm in excellent hands if I opted to have surgery.  Thanks again...your professionalism shines through...

Dr. Wahl is the reason why I am now coming to OPA.  He is a great surgeon and laughs at my jokes; what more could I want?

Suzanne and Dr. Wahl are some of the best healthcare providers I have every work with.  She is fabulous, detail-oriented, always provides full detailed explanations and is never rushed.  She really seems to care.

Excellent!  May medical placed could take lessons from your staff and facility.

"a terrific team who helped put me at ease and treated my problem with the best care I can imagine."

Thank you for being an amazing doctor and a kind person. Your generosity is humbling and I hope to give help to others as you have done for me. Thank you for your time and guidance.  

Dr. Wahl surpassed other care providers I consulted with outside of OPA.  I appreciated how thorough he was in walking me through the diagnostics and imagery.

Great visit.  Quick and accurate assessment of potential injury and next step, clear description and explanation of condition.

Dr. Wahl was, by far, the most comprehensive and caring orthopedic surgeon I have EVER had.  My surgery was incredibly complex and the fact that Dr. Wahl took time to explain every image and what his thoughts/plans were gave me great confidence in him.  I honestly have never felt so cared for, assured by the slow pace at which he made the surgical plan and his bedside manner by he and Suzanne.

The visit exceeded my expectations.  I hoped to leave with an understanding of what caused my condition, how to minimize the possibility of recurrence, and what to do if it did reoccur.  I got all this information and more.

EXCELLENT!  We couldn’t ask for any better orthopedic care from start to finish for our daughter!  FANTASTIC!

"Unbelievable" is the first word that comes to mind.  I was blown away with Dr. Wahl and his team.  On absolutely every level of this experience, the service and care were top notch.

Dr. Wahl and Suzanne are outstanding in their care and compassion.

Suzanne is an extraoridinary PA.  She is passionate about her patients and loves her job!  Before my surgery, she thoroughly explained the entire surgical process and clearly answered my numerous questions.  She provided excellent post-op care, as she explained my recovery plan in detail.

Dr. Wahl and Suzane were very personable and fun, making my visit a great experience.

I found Dr. Wahl to be every bit as authentic during this visit as he was four years ago when he fixed my knee.

You may not believe this, but I remember of you every time I lace up my shoes before a run and see the (good) scars on my knees.

Dr. Wahl sets the bar high and my visit was exceptionally informative and pleasant.

Dr. Wahl is the best!  I sincerely appreciated his valuable time and exceptional expertise.  He is thorough and easy to follow.

"I cannot say enough great things about the care I’ve received from Dr. Wahl and his team, instead I’m going to show them by running again."

Dr. Wahl is a super great doc.  He takes his time and I never feel rushed or uncared for. He’s gentle, kind and super funny.

Dr. Wahl and his staff at OPA genuinely listen and care about patients and keeping them in the game.

Truly impressive.

Dr. Wahl and Suzanne always take the time to take about questions and concerns.  I have complete confidence in them and have received excellent personalized care from them.

Coordinating schedules for someone who lives out of town is typically very challenging.  The staff here are not only incredibly pleasant, but they make this process a piece of cake.

Dr. Wahl is genuinely one of the best doctor’s I have had the pleasure of meeting with.  He was cordial without feeling unprofessional, he explained everything to me in a way that I could understand without dumbing it down to an annoying level.  Seriously a 100% enjoyable experience with Dr. Wahl.

I am not a pushover and never give perfect scores to anyone.  But I cannot say enough about my experience with Dr. Wahl, Suzanne, Sophie and his staff.

For complicated knee injuries, there is only one doctor I have faith in: Dr. Wahl.

Such a good visit...genuine concern and great discussion.

They get 10’s on a scale of 5.